Academic Counseling

Committed to Student Success

Our Academic Counseling team is here to help you craft a pathway to success, regardless of what you want to pursue after graduation. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re on track to graduate on time and that your education is preparing you well for your future goals.

Meet our Counseling Team

Jaimie Barksdale

School Counselor (A-G) 810-243-4427

Note: Jaimie Barksdale serves students whose last name begins with A-G, as well as all USA Hockey students.

Cynthia Talbot

School Counselor (H-N) 810-428-4323

Note: Cynthia Talbot serves students whose last name begins with H-N.

Julie Ouellette

School Counselor (O-Z) 810-331-0689

Note: Julie Ouellette serves students whose last name begins with O-Z, as well as all Adult Learners.

Becky Sharkey

Director of Academic Counseling

Whole-student support

Our School Counseling services are designed to offer each MIPS student a learning experience that's carefully molded around the evolving needs and goals of the student.