Educational extracurricular activities that foster connection and learning.

Book Club

Join the Adventure! The MIPS Book Club is an opportunity to join up with your fellow bookworms, diving into different genres and learning what you love about each genre. A digital book journal will also be provided, but use is not required. We’ll also discuss what makes a great author, and we'll even try our hand at illustration and writing!

6th, 7th, and 8th
Contact: Jolie VanWert |

Ambassador's Club

MIPS AMBASSADORS is a 6-12 grade club for students who want to develop leadership skills and achieve strong community recognition. The club is broken up into Junior Ambassadors (6th-8th) and Ambassadors (9th-12th). Our mission is to equip student leaders to make a positive impact in our school and communities. Students will have to maintain a good GPA, complete 10 community service hours a semester, attend meetings bi-weekly, and display excellent character traits. Our meetings focus on developing leadership roles, personal responsibility, and teamwork. Application for membership is given upon request.

Contact: Cara Livingston |

E-Sports Club

MIPS E-Sports team is a fun and engaging outlet for competetive student gamers. Interested students will need to sign up for our tryouts; please note there are a limited number of available slots per game/event. Those wishing to participate will be required to attend at least one weekly practice session, as well as any scheduled team events. If you cannot attend live practice, you are allowed to attend virtually, provided you are able to play the game remotely.

7-12th grade
Contact: Clayton McDowell |

Middle School Gaming Club

Meet every Monday and Wednesday with a group of peer gamers to play games like Roblox, Stumble Guys, Among Us,, and Code Combat in a safe and supportive gaming environment! Make new friends, try new games, and join in discussions about gaming.

Contact: Emily Phipps |

High School Gaming Club

The High School Gaming Club is a place where students can interact with peer gamers in a supervised environment, connecting over a shared passion for gaming. The Club encourages students to grow and to engage one another. Enjoy streaming, game reviews, new friends, and much more! The Club will require a Discord account to be created using the student's school email.

Contact: Clayton McDowell |

Lego Club

Do you like legos? Sign up for our MIPS Lego Club! Lego Club is always a great time to build, create, laugh, and learn! Come create with us!

Contact: Adam VanWert |

Friday Friends Club

Come hang out with fellow students, get to know other mentors and play some games! We have one club for middle schoolers and one club for high schoolers.

High School Contact:
Candace Hamilton |
Daisy Boyd |
Middle School Contact:
Kiwanna Starks |
Michelle Reinfelder |

Dance Club

Are you interested in dance? Check out our MIPS Dance Club! Learn new dance styles and techniques, study choreography, and connect with staff and fellow students over a love for dance! This club meets virtually every Friday morning from 10-11, and in-person when possible throughout the year.

Contact: Teneisha McDonald |

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