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    The Future of Education is here at Michigan International Prep School Saginaw  

    Are You Considering a Home School Alternative for Your Child’s K -12 School Needs? 

    The world is in the process of changing quickly, and the future feels uncertain. One thing you can secure for the future is your child’s education. If you are like so many Saginaw and Saginaw County area parents, you are looking for ways your child can receive an uninterrupted education that keeps them out in front. We want to introduce you to Michigan International Prep School Saginaw, your child’s 100% tuition-free education. It is a fully accredited online school in Michigan. 

    Michigan International Prep School Saginaw has created an online school culture of support for family and students alike. Our virtual school is a digital village that empowers kids to achieve their learning goals and be equipped for the future. Our goal as a K -12 online school is to see each student break down barriers and achieve success. We have developed a way for every child to feel safe in a worry-free online school environment within their own home. Families can breathe easy again.  

    We are a team of professional educators who, along with Superintendent Andrew Hulbert, helped launch a fully accredited and NCAA endorsed school in 2017. We have been ready for many years to educate students in a home school alternative environment. We are a public charter school, tuition-free, paid by the state of Michigan, that is available to you and your child online 24/7.

    Enroll in a Quality Virtual School, Michigan International Prep School Saginaw

    Many children and their families have lifestyles or situations that do not fit the traditional classroom. Some children travel for sports, music, or theater who have unique talents in these areas. Our school is an endorsed NCAA online school. Occasionally a family may have to live abroad, temporarily or permanently. Gifted kids do not always fit into the average school classroom. There are children with special needs. Parents who have sought out a home school alternative or special needs school have found what they needed at Michigan International Prep School Saginaw in Saginaw County. 

    We offer remote school education from elementary and middle school all the way through to high school graduation. We do not close our enrollment or turn kids away. No matter what the future brings, our virtual school is open.

    Providing Mentors, Chromebooks, and Support to Students in Saginaw and Saginaw County

    Your child will have a dedicated mentor assigned to them, that stays in regular contact to guide and encourage them from enrollment to graduation. Your child will receive a Chromebook, too, so they have tools for online school education.

    Each of our Saginaw virtual school students receives the same tuition-free, K-12 education with a learning pathway customized for them. Michigan International Prep School Saginaw is also developing Cyber Technology classes for certification and Construction Trades training and certificate programs. No matter what vocation your child is suited for, we will have the remote school curriculum for them.

    We have Help Centers where students can attend a meeting or classroom for a variety of reasons, such as fulfilling a lab assignment. Some students may be ready to move ahead and take advanced virtual school classes. Others are ready for college courses, and we guide them toward that opportunity. Because we celebrate all our students in Saginaw and Saginaw County, we want our students to pursue what makes them different. We want each student to be the best version of themselves and be ready to take on the future, no matter what path they choose.

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