Position Title:

Pupil Accountant

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Position Type

Pupal Accountant

Position Classification



Commensurate with experience

Job Location


Davison Learning Lab
7034 E Court St
Davison, MI 48423


Reimagine Education, LLC is a privately-owned management company for Michigan International Prep School, a publicly funded Cyber Charter School.


At Michigan International Prep School, we want our students to pursue what makes them different. No two people are identical, and it doesn’t make sense to treat them like they are. That’s why we create a unique learning pathway for every MIPS learner, built around their talents, interests, location, and schedule. Students are first in our school.

Position Description

Reimagine Education, LLC is seeking an innovative Pupil Accountant who will play a critical role in the Michigan International Prep School. This position has primary responsibilities of the collection of data, maintaining data accuracy, and timely state and audit submissions. This person will have the ability to work well with other teachers, staff, students, and parents while handling multiple tasks. The successful candidate will be comfortable with productive change and embrace the opportunity to be part of a team reshaping the way students engage in and demonstrate learning. This position will report directly to the Superintendent.


● Associates degree or higher. (Meeting Highly Qualified Status)
● Work and collaborate to make everyone around you better including staff and students.
● Ability to handle multiple tasks at once in an effective manner
● Works well with a team
● Very strong customer service skills and strong communicator
● Maintain a positive “can do” attitude
● Face challenges with students and have a mindset that every student is different and their education should be personalized to them. No student will slip through the cracks
● Build a village around the students and families
● Be a self-starter and an independent thinker
● Technological skills, computer knowledge and ability to rapidly adapt to new technology (Chrome, Google, and etc)
● A pleasant personality and positive attitude toward working with administration, staff, and parents.

Necessary Skills

● Ability to handle multiple tasks at once in an effective manner
● Works well with a team
● Very strong customer service skills and strong communicator
● Maintain a positive “can do” attitude
● Be a self-starter and an independent thinker.
● Technological skills, computer knowledge and ability to rapidly adapt to new technology (Chrome, Google, and etc.).
● Demonstrate ability to plan and evaluate strategies for improving instruction
● Knowledge of compliance and administration for CollegeBoard, ACT, NWEA, WIDA, M-Step
Holds knowledge of many various exam manuals:

    • PSAT 8/9 Coordinator Manual
    • PSAT 10 Coordinator Manual
    • PSAT/NMSQT Coordinator Manual
    • SAT Coordinator’s Manual
    • SAT Test Administrator’s Manual
    • SAT Accommodated Manual
    • WorkKeys Coordinator Manual
    • WorkKeys Accommodated Manual
    • M-STEP Test Administration Manual
    • M-STEP Online Test Directions Grade 11
    • Assessment Integrity Guide
    • AP Coordinator Manual Part 1
    • AP Exam Instructions Manual
● Holds experience working and communicating with a number of assessment-governing bodies
    • Measurement Inc (MI-Access, M-STEP)/li>
    • College Board (PSAT, SAT, AP)
    • ACT (WorkKeys)
    • Office of Testing Integrity
    • Office of Educational Assessment and Accountability
    • Michigan Department of Education
● Holds knowledge of working in many digital platforms used in Michigan’s Assessments
    • Office of Assessment and Accountability Secure Site
    • DRC Insight Portal (M-STEP, MI-Access)
    • ACT State Testing Website
    • AP Registration and Ordering System
    • K-12 Assessment Reporting (College Board Score Reports)
    • SSD Online (College Board Accommodations)
    • College Board Digital Testing Platform

Essential Duties

Pupil Accountant
● Submit required State and Federal reports accurately and in a timely fashion (including, but not limited to):

    • Fall General Collection, Spring General Collection, End of Year (EOY) General Collection, Student Record Maintenance (SRM), Graduation and Dropout (GAD), Student Infrastructure Database (SID), Days and Clock Hours (D/CH), Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL), Registry of Educational Personnel (REP), and Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC)
● Submit the required documentation for each collection to auditors. Attend training/conferences as required to keep up to date on the changes in laws, regulations, and requirements from the State and Federal government.
● Keep district administrators and office staff updated as changes occur at the state level regarding reporting practices, requirements, and procedures.
● Update and maintain procedures with the final goal of accurate data quality.
● Attend all required meetings including Professional Development and staff meetings
● Carry out other duties and obligations that are determined to facilitate the school’s mission, goals, standards, and Education Program
● Employee must honor written Board Policies and Administrative Regulations
● Employee must be able to work from a designated Learning Lab as scheduled
● Employee must be able to stand for a minimum of 30 minutes at a time
● Employee must be able to lift 25lbs
● Employee must be able to move throughout the Learning Lab
● Employee must be able to sit in chair for long intervals

Required Documents

All applicants are required to submit a completed application, cover letter, and resume.

Reimagine Education, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The position is subject to Reimagine Education, LLC policy, rules, and regulations. As Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, It is the policy of the Michigan International Prep School and Reimagine Education, LLC that no person shall on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or disability be excluded from participation and be denied the benefits, or be subjected to discrimination under program or activity and in employment, further Reimagine Education, LLC strictly adheres to the provision of Title VI of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and all Michigan Department of Education policies and regulations prohibiting discrimination.


● 401(k)
● Dental insurance
● Health insurance
● Life insurance
● Vision insurance

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