Tuition-Free, Online Elementary School Serving The Oak Park Community

Michigan International Prep School offers a tuition-free, fully-accredited online education to students in Oak Park.

Are you looking for an online elementary school in oak park?

Many families are switching to online home school, and it’s and no wonder why! Between work schedules, safety concerns, and a host of other challenges, families are looking for a flexible school option that meets their unique needs. 

At Michigan International Prep School (MIPS), your elementary student will learn online in the safety of your own home. We’ll give them the support of a certified Michigan Mentor Teacher who will serve as your student’s guide and coach throughout their time at MIPS. We also provide each student with a MIPS device, as well as fast and friendly tech support to help you if anything goes sideways.

Michigan International Prep School is fully accredited by Cognia/AdvancEd, and is committed to giving our Oak Park students and families an academically excellent and personalized online education. MIPS is 100% tuition-free, and educates students in grades K-12 from anywhere in the state of Michigan.

We'll support your student at every turn with one-on-one mentoring.

Every student who enrolls in Michigan International Prep School is assigned a Mentor who will act as their guide throughout their time at MIPS. Your student’s mentor will help your child to design a class schedule and online learning routine that works well for your student and your family. 

Our MIPS Mentors are committed to helping your elementary student to achieve succeed in and out of the classroom. Your Mentor will help connect you and your student with the supports, services, and opportunities they need, based on their unique talents, interests, and challenges. Our goal is to surround you with support throughout your time at MIPS, removing as many barriers as we can, and ensuring that your child has the best possible online learning experience.

Online elementary school mentor teacher working at a desktop computer
Every student at Michigan International Prep School is assigned to a dedicated mentor for one-on-one support.

If you need face-to-face support, stop by our Detroit Drop-In Learning Lab.​

If a student needs face-to-face learning support, or simply a quiet place to study or meet with classmates, all MIPS students are welcome to visit our Drop-In Learning Labs. Each of our Learning Labs features student workstations and light refreshments, and is staffed with qualified mentors and teachers. Our Learning Labs are open Monday-Friday, 8:00am-3:00pm.

Our Oak Park families are only a short drive away from our Detroit Drop-In Learning Lab, located in the North End at the corner of Woodward Ave and Holbrook Ave:

Michigan International Prep School
8904 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48202

If you’d like to learn more about our Detroit Drop-In Learning Lab, please feel free to stop by – we would love to meet you! You can also call one of our Lab Coordinators to learn more:

Doug Butler

Candace Hamilton

If you’re looking for an online elementary school in Oak Park, get started today with free, online school through Michigan International Prep School.