Why MIPS - Education your way


Traditional public education is right for many students, but not all. Every student should be able to enjoy learning and be successful in school. Our desire was to create a school that could offer free public education to Michigan residents that was dedicated to the students for whom traditional education was not the right fit. Michigan International Prep School (MIPS) has been created to be a welcoming, flexible, and innovative learning opportunity for ALL students grades K-12.

Michigan International Prep School has been created to provide a customizable education for ALL students.

Many of the innovative programs that have been created over the past 10 years are focused on one type of learner. MIPS will customize the educational plan for each student that enrolls.

For example, if a new student enrolls because he is a traveling hockey player, we will create a learning pathway that is conducive to that child’s schedule and interests. If a high school student enrolls because she needs a flexible schedule in order to to work more hours, MIPS will create a pathway that fits the student’s needs.

The committed teachers at MIPS will work with the student’s employer to establish work credit towards the student’s elective graduation requirements.

MIPS guarantees that the mentor teachers and counselors will bring their knowledge of each student, our high quality content products and myriad other learning resources, to develop a learning path that meets the needs of real kids. The curriculum used by MIPS is also customizable to the student’s skill level. We specialize in helping our students bridge the learning gaps that essentially brought them to us – our program flexibility, and one-on-one care, will give students the safety, dignity, and encouragement needed to move them forward.

Students who become part of the MIPS family and are advanced in their learning will be able to enroll in Advanced Placement courses and have the opportunity to either dual enroll in their local college or apply to be part of the MIPS Early College Program. We are currently developing vocational opportunities for our students – as we do this, we will be interested in knowing what types of specialized learning options our students would like to have!

The developers of MIPS have over 25+ years of combined virtual education experience so there will be new and innovative learning opportunities developed each year for our students. Through our actual work with thousands of students who chose to learn online we have found that there are a number of critical steps needed for a virtual student to be successful.

No matter who you talk to at MIPS, we want your interaction to be a great one.

At MIPS, we train each of our staff members in the highest customer service expectations, including:

1. Patience

We’re committed to taking as much time as is necessary to ensure that a MIPS education is the right fit for your family. 

2.  Attentiveness

Your questions and input are much more than merely “worth our time” – they’re endlessly valuable to us. We want to treat every member of the MIPS family with the same respect and kindness that we would hope to receive.

3.  Clear and Concise

You’re busy – we get it. And we want to respect your time; that’s why we’ve created a streamlined process from enrollment to orientation. 

4.  Knowledge of Virtual Learning

Virtual school is a unique creature, and there is no “correct” approach. However, there are proven strategies for optimizing a student’s online learning experience. Each staff member at MIPS is trained in strategies for successful learning in virtual education. 

5.  Understanding our Families

The leadership at MIPS has over 10+ years of online teaching and learning experience.  MIPS is highly versed in online education and are therefore highly equipped in assisting each student and family.

Top 10 actions to becoming a successful virtual learner:

  • Have the confidence to know you can and will be successful with MIPS
  • Set a schedule and stick to it. (This is the most common mistake by new virtual students)
  • Virtual students are more successful with a strong support system, in or out of the home
  • Attend the learning centers and/or live online sessions as often as you can – It is proven that the more teacher interaction a student has the better they will perform.
  • Finish scheduled classes on time. If a student falls behind MIPS strongly encourages the student to take advantage of the free summer school options.
  • Never hesitate to ask your teacher for help. Each student will have a content teacher for each class and each student will have a mentor teacher that embraces students in order to meet all of their learning needs.
  • Review your work for learning and not just for completion.
  • Choose the block schedule options – Take one or two classes at a time and focus on completing those courses successfully. Many students find that this option is less overwhelming because they can see progress.
  • Keep good notes – All students are encouraged to keep good notes while working through their courses. Students are encouraged to use all resources on their assessments. The better prepared a student is, the more successful he or she will be.
  • Maintain consistent communication with your teacher and mentor.

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